Editor’s Note 2018

Same-Same but Different“…

As seasons and trends go by every year, I can’t help but wonder how many repeats of the same designs we would see again on the runway and in-store. The trends although different every season, have what appears to be a consistent recipe that designers seem to follow in a hush-like manner on a rotational basis. From colour staples (e.g. white and metallics) to a steady stream of trench coats reprised (in classic beige) or the use of sturdy trusty denim in various shapes and forms (i.e. dresses, jumpsuits etc), we find ourselves asking: Where do we go from here? With designers pushing not one but two? or three? (or more..) collections out every year, one can’t help but wonder where the fashion industry is heading.

Image: steventai FW17

Is fashion really that fast and simple? Is it just a beautiful dress made in Italy with a coveted label stamped on the hem of the neckline? With a seamless string of collections sashaying down the runway one after the other, one could be fooled into thinking that producing a collection comes with ease when the reality couldn’t be further from the truth: the effort that goes behind each piece and collection is real – with hours and months of hard work and planning ahead every season to meet the final outcome: A visionary collection brought to life with the highest grade of craftsmanship. That this would be drowned out instead by the superficial need to churn out content to feed the masses at a ferocious speed is worrisome.

In a vicious cycle of wanting more, how did we get ourselves so stuck in it? Could it be caused by our incessant need and selfish greed to constantly expect more? Which, inevitably creates this invisible pressure on designers to deliver. Or could it perhaps be that the designers are encouraging and enticing the consumers into wanting more out of them? Perhaps this contorted image is set by the industry itself. With harsh critics and guidelines set by the breathing fashion ecosystem, perhaps there is no other choice but for the designers to deliver, and the masses can’t help but want a piece of it; ravenously devouring it whole like a hungry beast to a carcass.

Image via @diet_prada

Exhibiting this trend of repetition in a mesmerizing yet intriguing manner is one of our favourite Instagram account @diet_prada who highlights not only the never-ending issue of “cloning” (inspired perhaps?) to the blatant intensity and need for super brands to dare I say, adapt to consumerism and instant gratification social media has unintentionally set up. And while we may not be able to stop this by-product of an increasingly fast-paced world, what is our role in it? In a digital world where everything is “trending” and “hot” at lightning speed with the mere touch, swipe and tap of our ten little digits, how do we curb this need to conform? How do we remind ourselves to enjoy the process at a much slower pace – to appreciate the art of design and creativity without distraction?

As we make way to a newer phase in our journey through CUEVOLUTION, we have had to take many steps back in an effort to remind ourselves what CUEVOLUTION truly stands for. The key crux to this boils down to one simple word, “Expectations”. Which in turn begs the question: How do we manage what others expect of us and more importantly, in our effort to improve and move forward, how do we manage our own? The process has been challenging, pensive and more importantly, sobering. Hopefully, we have matured a little more and have begun to realize who we are as a label as we come back to our own individuality – which may seem ironic considering our main ethos is based on this very word: “Individuality”. But perhaps this is the way it is intended to be. After all, to constantly evolve is a journey we wholeheartedly embrace at CUEVOLUTION.

With 2017 behind us, thank you for a challenging yet enjoyable year filled with kindness and support; and we hope that you will continue this journey with us as we make way for a different yet oddly familiar CUEVOLUTION.

Ai Lim