Le Photographe

I’ve always wondered: What do they see through that viewfinder? As they capture that very precise moment with a click of their finger and burn the essence of those images onto film, imprinting forever what would otherwise be a lost or unknown memory.

“I need a photographer.”

She looked at me, her mind instantly locking onto a target. “Sure! Why don’t you try Kenneth?”

There was a quiet still air about him when we first met.  But after working on several projects with him, I discovered that Kenneth was meticulous, detailed and more importantly, he was passionate about his work.


How did you decide on becoming a photographer?

Initially, becoming a photographer never crossed my mind. I knew photography as the noun; not the profession and had a vague understanding of what photography entailed.  It wasn’t until I enrolled into an art academy, where I was studying graphic design, that I was introduced to the world of photography.

What cemented your decision on becoming a photographer?

I was interested in the publishing industry and knew then that I wanted to produce and contribute but wasn’t quite sure how I could do so. Writing was not an option for me (LOL!) . After doing a fair bit of research, I chanced upon a photo of Linda Evangelista taken by Patrick Demarchelier on the covers of Harper’s Bazaar circa 1992. That particular encounter sparked a passionate interest for producing images. A year after graduating from graphic design, I enrolled myself to École Parsons à Paris.


Wow, that’s amazing! How was Paris?

Paris opened my eyes…WIDE! There was so much depth. I began learning art history, french and photography.

Why Paris and not NY or London?

New York, London and Paris are great cities! But I wanted to start outside my comfort zone and learning a new language was what cinched that decision. I never spoke a word of French until I went to Paris, which is quite bold I think. 

What was the inspiration behind your decision?

Change. I am a person who likes progression. Also, being serious in photography aided the decision-making process. You go to a school to learn your craft, and Paris, to me, is THE perfect environment to put a little je ne sais quoi into yourself. 


Your current muse if any.

Carine Roitfeld, Grace Coddington and my sister.

Your favourite photographer(s)?

Irving Penn, Patrick Demarchelier, Steven Meisel, Peter Lindbergh, Andrew McKim, Ben Pogue, Diane Arbus, Robert Capa, Man Ray, Eugène Atget.

List 3 of your favourite works from your own projects.

  1. Petals: Blue Chrysanthemum 
  2. Timepiece with fish 
  3. Un Homme 

You had an interesting shoot involving mannequins in your portfolio. Do you prefer still life or people?

I like both. It’s a different study. 

Coloured vs black and white?

Both are revolutionary. Sometimes a simple black and white makes a better story-teller compared to a coloured photograph. 

Digital vs Analogue

To me, they are incomparable. I simply couldn’t choose one over the other as they have very different qualities that are just as appealing to me. 


What are your thoughts on street fashion photography?

I think it’s amazing! It used to be a niche, now it’s an industry. See how The Satorialist wiped the floor clean? 

On pushing the boundaries of fashion and photography..

Interesting question, put the two together and magic happens. If Diane Arbus were still alive, it would be interesting to see her shooting for fashion, once. 😉

What are your thoughts on social media such as Instagram?

Amazing! It shares your thoughts instantly and I think it’s a great platform to learn how to curate your art.

Your current Instagram obsession?


Your next big project?


Your DREAM project?

Shooting campaigns for luxury brands and producing my first photography book.

What goes through your head as you look through the lens?

I would say it really depends on what am I looking for during the shoot. Sometimes I observe and wait for the moment to manifest. Of course, I always allow some room to improvise. Essentially, the end goal is to produce a piece of artwork that moves people. 


Watch this space..