Moto Guo

Moto Guo is an eponymous label, established since 2015. Based in Malaysia, Moto Guo is the first Malaysian designer to make it to the 23 shortlisted semifinalists for the LVMH prize 2016.  Initially a menswear label, Moto Guo is the brainchild of Guo’s endless yet detailed mindmap that pieces both his and Kinder’s personalities. Guo’s particularity and sensitivity towards core functionality clashes Kinder’s sentimental notions and visions in the oddest way. Yet it works secretly for four seasons now, screening their mega perspective that is questionably off the grid. Their pieces gradually became a toy megaphone that discloses ironic messages to their audiences, both the favoured and otherwise.  Their distinctive individualities mimic the hemispheres of the brain, as Guo is perceived as left-brained and Kinder being the right. In 2016, Guo made an official statement introducing and revealing Kinder as the second creative director. The label was officially declared as a collaborative result between the two designers.Find out more about Moto Guo at our interview with the designer here under Designer In Focus section for the September issue.

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